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hello and welcome to technology update this month the show goes metal only without the head banging we're talking about the most elementary of materials that have helped build our civilization and still find innovative new applications today to soviet metallurgical industry was blasting past competitors around the same time heavy metal started blasting out speakers by the time the country we crawled the us to become the world's top steel producer of the year of judas priest first album in one nine hundred seventy four russian metal makers have long been world class dimitri to know who's known as the father of russian metallurgy is nineteenth century discovery of crucial temperature points and still casting changed the industry forever even earlier puzzles and no self and over her someplace scientific base in metal alloy research and steel artillery the russian empire may have been a metallurgical foundation but soviet modernization drives in the twenty's and thirty's build new hubs like big media gorst and helped to ready the country for intense industrial demands in world war two wartime production greatly expanded the
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geography of soviet metalworking setting the groundwork for a real explosion of output in the post-war years that still underpins the industry in the post soviet space today. bush is among the world's leaders and digging up and pumping out perhaps the most historically coveted of all elements shiny number seventy nine gold while the first aloof gold deposits in russia were found in the urals in the early nineteenth century the country's eastern regions have been the site of many gold rushes and now a longstanding extraction industry since much of the territory was underdeveloped in brocade and twentieth century gold miners conquered literally uncharted territory on route to making the soviet union the number two gold producer on the planet and gold digging in russia is no mere blast from the past just test poll you sold to russia's largest and one of the world's prominent purveyors of our beloved the outward appearance of the operation is change sick. if we can only as we're
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finding rivers running with. new and improved technology is now pulling. out of oceans of essentially topsoil. or from the poles it also contains such elements as carbon. and resists the soil and that process through which gold is normally. developed. which helps us to see the resistance elements. increase cold extraction levels as compared to traditional techniques. reaching approaches have just come into fashion in the gold industry over the last two decades with differing methods developed in major mining in research countries several of the key bacteria and extraction system used by poles use our russian handiwork so what's all the fuss about exactly it may not look like gold just yet but it comes out cheaper more
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energy efficient and with fewer environmentally harmful byproducts than traditional methods relying on heat and pressure. serious scientific and engineering challenge the solution developed. and implemented in the cross. is unique not only for russia but for the international market as well as unique for enterprises operating in remote regions of the far north. it was a successful solution the basic science behind bio oxidation is the introduction of bacterial cultures which oxidized the predominant. latched on to the precious gold we're trying to get. coming from each new site can vary content. and their competitors are always in search of new and improved cultures. in place have doubled savings and increased extraction rates by fifteen to twenty percent. gold is number one and in terms of production volume. and it has the most advanced in terms of high. so what's the payoff for that kind of positioning
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for the first half of two thousand and ten. fifteen point six tons of pure gold and reported sales over six hundred million u.s. dollars with demand in prices for the rich man. they can take any technological advantage straight to the bank. the only element that will cost you an arm and a leg russia is also rich in its so-called precious metals are more than worth their weight only eight of these metals passed through the refining research laboratories of crusty admit in the siberian city of. their discount branded a mere seven hundred fifty bucks a kilo they also process well over ninety percent of russia's significant platinum and palladium commodity prices measured in the tens of thousands of dollars per kilo inside the lab itself they're more interested in measurements than the flow of banknotes crunching the numbers to tell russian in foreign clients what's worth
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extracting the basic. custom is a cio from various companies that explore and develop metals oppose it see pretty much if they dig up found. us. we start to test it for gold. deposits be consistent perspective. contain gold particles equivalent to at least one gram protection that gram is separated from the surrounding sludge through a process known as. oxidizers base metals like lead copper zinc and arsenic the precious metal in question here a small piece of crust school is a process that's been around in primitive forms for millennia conducted with unprecedented perception in the twenty first century because he admits laboratory both analyzes crude for its contents and refines with they're given to obtain a pure product ready for use in a range of applications of its metals they're searching. for turning out they're
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also equipped to analyze alloys of precious metals in total the factories laboratory has the modern equipment and technical savvy to sort through some one hundred thousand geological probes and here to satisfy outside clients as well as the company's internal production needs. in this laborious reanalyze the samples using techniques like inductively coupled plans murtala commission spectroscopic beyond today to quit makes this lab unique because there's no other laboratory in russia that house the capacity to analyze samples of all the platinum group metals that's gold silver platinum palladium iridium ruth any handles. tree can test sample concentrates from one part per million which is one ten thousandth of a percent all the way up to one hundred percent. one attend by the london bali and market association to design them produce the international silverstone did which
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is basically a benchmark silverball it's a fairly complicated task the material must have a certain composition also we have to ensure homogeneity and proper distribution of additives but thanks to our expertise in the use of various methods and hindsight facilities we manage to rise to the occasion and come up with a quality sounded that is now used across the world. while the super standard is certainly handy for other analysts the jury question it turns out has an even wider appeal they're among the top producers of gold jewelry in the russian federation with tons upon tons of fourteen karat chains and necklaces leaving the assembly lines each year for the more discerning buyers there are also the makers of more creative accessories combining a whole range of precious metals and still. all the glitters is gold and not all that precious a custom it is for gifted. in glamour the platinum group metals they process are
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prize not just for their shine on your neck or finger but for unique properties ideal in agriculture and industry the cools you see here are made from an alloy supplied them with other precious metals like rhodium palladium and retaining all refined and ninety nine point nine five percent purity at their facilities. these alloy coils are he treated shaped and separated into fine threads and the platinum makes threads are split down to the size required for the ultimate application. in this case the work is for craft food myths catalysts nets. in a chemical reaction a catalyst just like the guy that starts the fight but comes out at the end untouched. platinum group metals are particularly useful catalysts because they're largely resistant to chemical reactions they're also stable electrically and can effectively sustain at high temperatures. once these nets are woven they're treated
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with a hydrogen torch did leaves them ready for installation. at the end of the production process the catalyst cause looks like this a fine mesh of ninety five percent platinum and five percent rhodium alloy finished products like this disk are ideal for use in the high pressure high temperature process of making nitric acid which is used to make our fertilizers due to his use platinum mellowing catalysts like the ones in your car's catalytic converter reducing your gas guzzlers toxic emissions it's not going to be precious is bought them to play an important role in our lives and that's certainly true of the world's most abundant metal aluminum rushes home to the world's biggest aluminum producing conglomerate who sell which now controls over twelve percent of the global market still even before the volatility in aluminum prices that came with the financial crisis in two thousand and eight the top dog has been tectonic looking for innovative ways to make better products. more cost effective pure
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aluminum is worth roughly two thousand dollars a ton but when you strengthen it in an alloy with silicone or other additives you can roughly triple that value but to get that valuable product you have to make sure you get the mix just right. fortunately the mix is being monitored by the magnetic hydrodynamic center it spawned out of the poly technical institute not far from new cells massive production facility. the pioneer installations that help maximize the quality of the alloys produced in smelting using magnets. with the should what's the mood of the year tony twenty one has announced they want a minimum of fifty percent of their production to be aluminum and these are very ambitious plans being implemented for that the company needs to introduce new melting and casting equipment including new founding machines magnetic hydrodynamic mixers and other installations. the designers of dissent well aware of devalued
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their ideas their blueprints and products are in demand not just down the road if he sells facility but on the international market as well they've concluded to deal with the european division of the top aluminum production of quipping company altaic to distribute their m.h.d. mixing hardware to clients outside russia meanwhile the main task is to make sure the next great idea in the field is there is. there is one of our installations this used to simulate a model physical process is occurring naturally and. this is the magnetic mix one of our key products you can see how it works on this physical model it's mixing of the most in metal is in juice here by the electro magnetic field it's a very convenient way to study the exchange of a piece in weight in the finest during the mixing process analyze the operations on the whole and to find the most effective modes of using the magnetic hydrodynamic mix that is the nation has been does. one tenth the scale of typical industrial.
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check the performance and other characteristics before the project is physically implemented the projects could run up to tens of millions of dollars and the customer interested in the highest degree of precision when setting up these physical models can actually be happening inside the future. significantly impacting the quality and consistency of the end product. even in the best mixing methods used magnetic impulses creating. lower levels of the periphery in addition to the larger current small swirls move the metal at the edges and transfer the heat energy magnet driven mixing helps to level out the temperature in under five minutes making for even quality alloy less likely to corrode. work for the federal space agency. provide thin aluminum cable for aircraft that's
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an industry where the weight that counts most. and the. crystals. shape. it doesn't have any contact with. the resulting. had a very fine structure we did the first time which proves you can make. something no other russian laboratory has been able to do so far the method of electromagnetic. has been. to make it usable as a. power supply in aviation. the initial supply.
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you know as i've heard the technology of electromagnetic casting and crystallize hers has been listed as part of the technical requirements for those type of aircraft but what. we received a large order for these rods are now busy filling it with. the. unofficial word has it that the next plane outfitted with a lightweight aluminum wiring might be discrete sukhoi t. fifty fighter jet. still shrouded in much secrecy with just a few test flights under its belt in a few years until full scale production obviously more than one medal goes into making planes and we'd be flying nowhere with rock solid twenty two titanium. that titanium a takeoff aboard an american boeing or european air buses but it's tacked on and factories in the form of russia. is in fact the world's largest producer of
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titanium and through contracts and joint ventures like boeing they're proving their metal on the next generation of passenger jet liners. and technological institute might see also has years of experience testing titanium above the clouds but of course there are experimental work starts in earthly laboratories and before anything gets added to the assembly of any aircraft they're testing different types of metal for their suitability despite being part of the flyboy family their research has recently uncovered some of metallic magic it's intended to help the more grounded among us. humans. aviation projects our institute develop some unique technology is there are currently also used for various medical applications. the technologies are based on titanium aloysius known simply as the composite was actually. we discovered by u.s.
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naval researchers back in one thousand sixty two but due to production complexities it's the only game proper appreciation in the last two decades when its founding increase in use in their arena in planetology is intriguing because it exhibits both cheap memory ensued to allow us to city this means that through manipulations in temperature and stress the material can be deformed it will and reliably return back to give you a better idea of how did it know works in action we've constructed a quick experiment using this implant for patients with a sunken chest you can see i can bend it out of shape because we've chilled it on ice but when i drop it in warm water i can bring it back in a second's time useful here because of its capacity for reversible solid state phase transformation above a temperature fixed by the producers of each net no alloy the metal has a simple interpenetrating cubic crystal structure at lower temperatures it spontaneously transforms to a more complex clinic crystal structure this makes the substance easily deformable
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but with the reversed temperature shift it reverts. waterstreet the implant to its original shape with impressive force the human body is sturdier than the beaker but it's important to keep the transformation under tight control. because the main problem is to ensure the proper range of temperature within which the material can change its shape it's vital for medicine to have exactly thirty six point six degrees celsius. and those species. only we can provide such accuracy because we've developed the technology to give the same chunk of metal a transition temperature anywhere from minus thirty three to plus seventy degrees and with that within that it could be basically any temperature that would best fit a specific product with. alli pioneered by my t. is already finding its place in practice helping improve human lives. one of our
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most important protective devices as humans is our ribcage the enclosure from our spine to our breast bone either holds in or hampers the functioning of our most vital organs. our patient here on technology update who will simply call kucha suffers from a defamation in that crucial area a sunken chest bone this she says has caused her pain and hindered her in her physical personal and professional life to free her heart and lungs from the stress of the condition doctors will implant in it no bridge much like the one used in our studio experiment. or teaches material provokes no one wanted reaction from the body is that the employer has been designed to last for the rest of the patient's life. is definitely an invasive procedure requiring narcosis and sizable chest incision. but the advice of cut just
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doctors in the promise of a permanent solution to a lifelong problem me to choice of surgery a no brainer. fortunately the materialist time tested in tailor made for this kind of huge and just caretakers are very experienced. is the x. ray taken eight days off of the operation you can see the nickel to tanian bridge implanted into the rib cage holding the chest in the proper position the difference is really clear on the lateral x. ray book award. this is the same bridge viewed from a different angle this is the breast bone right now it's in the right position before the operation it went in like this a concave defamation of the chest there were those who wish. to lead to a more active lifestyle now. without. negative effects on my heart or my lungs
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yes. there till the time i suffered the operation was really quick and painless. to breathe easier but it's hardly breached the outer limits of its potential variations of. constant toxicology and definition testing to see what problems it might help solve next it's already found its way into golf clubs. but to my team is most convinced of its prospects in medical implant. be a joint replacement vital stents orthodontics or prosthetics. has a bright helpful future. titanium maybe this so-called space age but we're still making breakthroughs with. number twenty six the periodic table sign me. up and coming company based in the girls reaching city of their specialty is
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turning affordable iron based alloys into high performing equipment for the oil and gas sector in particular so-called electric submersible pumps piece made to pull petroleum up from deep beneath the surface under often uninviting conditions it's a complete production cycle from raw metal materials to the constituent parts to packed off in ready pumps the e.s.p. is a long enclosed did houses both the motor and the rotating stages that make up the pump in it's cheap and purpose the never made product may not look unique but the stories in the meadow. we had to push were innovations i mean products unique on the market tests showed a significant increase in the fish and sea between two some of the poem stages of the same design the first being. but the second two using the. methods increased efficiency by several points up to five points which is a very serious. trick to push up the performance instead of being poured
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liquid hot into a mold and then cast this status or stamped out of iron copper alloy powder aside from saving energy heating the middle to great melted temperatures the powder method allows for better flexibility in combining and shaping materials produces of course with better balance and thus less energy loss through vibration in the field and overall improved precision and surface roughness to optimize the flow of the pump liquid. now even though these parts are made of compressed metals like iron and i haven't exactly been doing my time in the weight room i can still snap them with my bare hands so to make them stronger we have to stick them in the oven and crank up the heat. inside the coker this stages are subjected to high pressure and five hundred plus degrees celcius sheet which not only for just iron copper alloys together compresses and strengthens the whole stage. the idea of metallurgy did under the production is hardly new it was developed by the russian
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scientist show that if somebody in the eight hundred twenty s. to make clones out of class number his methods already includes most of the basics used in the modern era as machine building exploded in the twentieth century so too did the waste from the forging of even the smallest metal detail particularly in the postwar context condom eyes on this valuable waste brought back more precise on matters after the manufacturing of the stages there passed on for chemical treatment that's vital to making them ready for action deep under the earth the conditions for oil and gas drilling and pumping are increasingly inverse as the older and more easily accessible wells. already pioneered their own central. design to better withstand the long months of sand blasting they're sure to receive underground and well known comes are now proven to work for a competitive warranty period of nearly three years there. doing laboratory tests
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to see if the nano train can give them another boost a large part of their operation is committed to simulating downhole dynamics to test new components and then the newbies might be just the ticket. to go on a series of tests on our equipment used to be new and shiny like this but this one has undergone serious degradation from the factors common in saudi oil wells. to make the stage more effective. in this situation the application of the nano spray tungsten carbide coating looks like an effective way of protecting the existing stages without further massive investment reforging the parts entirely out of such expensive. initially the investment will be. another come from macau invest the income generated at the. beach channel to develop the projects. we plan to invest
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some twenty. in the big oil and gas game that plays with massive companies gushing profits it might not seem that pinpoint accuracy is the key focus when it comes to producing the machinery comes to black stuff from down below small parts can have a big impact on the overall efficiency and it turns out. right or wrong just might make a mile of difference. see who said. metals just check back with us periodically and in enjoyed them. wealthy british science. sometimes.
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markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports.
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a new wave of demonstrations in france over the raising of the pension age by two years to sixty two as if the parliamentary national assembly only approves a politically contested bill however public support for widespread destruction which has been crippling the country costing hundreds of millions of euro a day appears to be falling. in the e.u. leaders at the summit has agreed to outline measures for stricter financial discipline and new ways of handling financial downturns including the move to change the lisbon treaty to allow for bailouts of budget busting nations there's also a rally over the european commission european parliament plans to use the budget by almost six percent with some nations opposed to seek to impose harsh spending cuts
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at home. russian prosecutors have launched their first ever case against a man suspected of being the world's biggest spammer blamed for a fifth of the worlds of junk mail. on the run and made a fortune of over one hundred million dollars by sending out e-mails advertising for realty. drug. next we reveal a possible new hidden cause of the world financial crisis you can find out what it is in the latest edition of the kaiser report coming up right now on our team.

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